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Top-notch security and identity fraud prevention.

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Our Happy Customers Say It All

  • Founder & CEO in Tycoon
  • Director of Security & Technology in
  • Digital Program Leader in Hauni
  • Owner in Prohashing
  • Product Owner in Fondee
  • Founder & CEO in Pynwheel
  • Compliance is a big point for us. We want to provide the highest possible security for our users and so, to protect users from fraudulent activities, we decided to have an eKYC mandatory policy. We love that Authenteq is fully automated, that it’s 24/7 and doesn’t require a human being to sit in an office all day.

  • Before Covid-19 hit, 30% of our properties were listed on the app. After the integration with Authenteq, 100% percent are now on the platform. It definitely acted as the accelerant. It was the ideal real-world stress test for the system.

  • A lot of organizations have no idea what is possible today in the areas of identity and age verification. They don’t realize what is possible with data now to identify early indicators of substance abuse or addiction, apart from protecting minors in general. The whole vice sector needs more information about technologies that are available like Authenteq.

  • Security is important to us, and so is efficiency. Authenteq’s eKYC ™ allows us to verify our Trusted Miners quickly and easily. We love that their API is easy to use, and we know that when we need support it will be there. When we reached out to them about an issue we were having, they fixed it and pushed out an update to their system within 24 hours!

  • Authenteq made our registration process really smooth and easy to use. As a result, we have seen our user conversion rates increase significantly.

  • Authenteq allows us to provide user-friendly and reliable ID verifications to improve security, which has been crucial to providing an excellent user experience and out-performing competitors.

Our Investors, Partners & Exposure

  • Investors

  • Partners

  • Exposure

Simple 3-Step Process to KYC Identity Verification

In just 35 seconds, Authenteq’s AI-powered, fully automated eKYC and identity verification platform gives you confidence that your customers are really who they say they are, while providing them with a fast and seamless onboarding experience that reduces dropout rates and increases conversion rates.

Freely customizable in every single step!
  • Step 1

    ID Document Scan

    Proves authenticity and accuracy of government-issued IDs.

  • Step 2

    Selfie & Liveness Check

    Accurately determines a genuine human presence taking the selfie in real time.

  • Step 3

    Face Match & Facial Biometrics

    Government-grade facial recognition is used to match the selfie photo and ID photo.

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  • 9,813

    Government-issued IDs, Passport, Drivers License, Proof of Address

  • 195

    Countries plus 53 territories

  • 138

    Languages and Dialects

  • 1,500

    Verifications per minute

  • 1 hour

    Integrate with Web IDV & Mobile SDK

  • 100%

    Automated. No human intervention.

Full Stack Features

As the market’s first fully automated identity verification system, we are always building, learning and growing.

  • Real-time ID verification
  • AML Checks and ongoing AML
  • Selfie & Liveness check
  • Age Verification
  • Facial recognition
  • API Integration (Web, Mobile SDK)
  • Selfie Sign In
  • User Access Control
  • Biometric 2FA
  • Multi-Document Upload
  • NFC scanning
  • Document data extraction OCR
  • Barcode & MRZ Analysis
  • Verification Dashboard
  • Assisted Image Capture
  • Best in class customer support
  • Proof of address
  • Customizable Flow & White Labeling
Fast, excellent UX, improved security and out-performing competitors.

Try it out for free
by downloading our SHOWCASE APP

Industries we serve. Worldwide.

Our laser focus is on our clients’ needs, thus ensuring tailor-made solutions are available to perfectly fit in your industry requirements.

  • Crypto and Investments

    Stay compliant with KYC and AML regulations

  • Fintech and Payments

    Helping you go fully digital, fight fraud and identity theft

  • Shared mobility

    Onboard your customers instantly so they can always arrive on time

  • Gambling, Gaming, Tobacco

    To protect minors, never rely on a checkbox again to verify users’ age

  • All other verticals

    Our solution can cover the most rigorous ID verification and regulatory compliance

Security & AML Compliance

Authenteq offers a fast, fully automated and simple identity verification process, without compromising on security and data privacy, and while ensuring that your business is always compliant.

Security and Data Privacy

Authenteq takes a proactive approach to security, with privacy as the default setting.

  • General Data Protection Regulation

  • ISO 27001 certified

  • Privacy by Design

  • Anti-Spoofing Technology

AML Compliance

Our Anti-Money Laundering Compliance (+ Ongoing AML) protocol check is especially designed to combat financial crimes, safeguard your userbase and prevent your business from paying penalties due to non-compliance.

  • Global Sanctions List
  • PEP’s
  • Adverse Media
  • Counter-Terrorist Financing
  • Global Watch List
  • Anti-Criminal Acts

Developer API resources

Authenteq’s mobile SDK or web-based solution can now be deployed and integrated within just an hour_, requiring minimal developer resources on your side.

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